Let's Work Together

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A place for enlivened heart-centered branding. 



First and foremost-- Thank you. 

Throughout our project, I encourage open communication to
guaranty our ideas are fully expressed and flowing together nicely. 
I work efficiently and depending on my schedule, 
a project is done within a few days, if not by the end of the week. 

The best way to contact me is by text message or email. 
Please do so at any time. 


How I charge is specific to the work you are asking for. 
Prices vary depending on complexity and style. 
Hand-drawn illustrations are priced individually & seperately from digital design. 
Illustration prices fluctuate depending on the total amount needed. 

If applicable, a rough sketch is first sent to you. 
Then once approved, I can begin the actual work. 

The first set of changes is free. 
Any changes thereafter are $15 a set. 
I classify a set of changes by each email list of adjustments after artwork
has been sent to you for approval. 

I often work with sliding scale and payment plans upon request as to accommade and make my artwork accessable to a wide range of people. 
Because of this, I ask for respect, honesty and genuine reflection when settling
on a final total that feels most comfortable to you.     



Please include:

1. Company name and website

2. A detailed description of the project

3. What you are envisioning it to look like.
    {I usually ask for a doodle of your concept or
    reference photos to get a clear idea}

4. Any reference photos, text information and company fonts
    that apply to the project.

5. Suggested deadline + Best way to communicate




I take half of the final total before any artwork has begun. This is simply for commitment sake to ensure dedication to our project. 

Cash or Check:

Please make all checks payable to Celena De Luna

Credit Card:  

Please send all digital payments, including deposit to:


Once our project is done, you will then have exclusive rights to the image and
artwork to use as you wish, unless stated otherwise. However, trademarking is advised as there is little control over others mimicking the design. 

I discourage you to make any changes or digital manipulations for integrity sake. If there is a budget issue but you are needing to make an alteration, we can work it out somehow. I am very flexible and honor our work deeply. 
I post all of our work online for portfolio use after you publish it. If there is any reason for not wanting our artwork shared, please let me know and it won't.

I also highly encourage artist credit and referals after publishing. This keeps of.the Moon Illustrations movement at a grassroots level while building a strong community in the process!