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+ I have been drawing since I was a young child. It was my main way of communicating and interacting with the people around me. As a very quiet (and still so) kid, I had so much to say but very little words to say it. So with all of this energy built, I expressed myself through drawing and painting. I remember wanting to wake people up out of their shells with art that would make them remember what soul feels like. It seemed as though people were numb to this pulsating nourishing world around them and I wanted them to see this badly.  And I still hold that same desire today.

+ I am an obsessive observer. This allows me to look at an object and easily be able to render it in my own style. My artwork has a realistic feel do to this.  I am mostly self taught through practice but in no way will I discredit every art class I eagerly sought in my elementary-high school-college education.  

+ I am a seeker of depth.  I want my art to seem like it actually holds breath. I want it to remind you that everything is alive and holds energy. I desire to create the illusion of life on the flat ground we are given. 

+ I am a health food enthusiast, have a passion for integrative emotional healing and a practicer of herbal medicine. Any way I can support these practices in my artwork through supporting like-minded businesses or illustrating like-minded concepts, I will. I seek to align all of my interests into one to express myself as authentically as possible. 

+ I am an advocate for accessible art . Because of this, I have found a gateway into expressing this through grassroots commercial art. It is my way of fulfilling local business needs while creating artwork for the public. I also intentionaly use very affordable mediums like colored pencil and 'your every-day' pen to show that you don't need to spend a fortune on art supplies to create quality art.


of the moon -- English translation of the artist's last name;  the subtle energy that resembles the mysterious feeling the moon gives off ; divine feminine

illustration -- to bring to life; to turn a thought into a thing;  a visual of an idea


+  of.the Moon Illustrations was birthed when Celena realized that the small food business she was running wasn't her real passion, but creating the branding for it was. She was so fascinated by other's creative food label designs that she decided she wanted to focus on just this instead.  

+ With a first-hand understanding and a desire to support grassroots businesses,  of.the Moon seeks out to make concept development as simple and savory as possible by respectfully matching your ideas just the way you dreamed it would be. 

+  of the Moon's style is playful, colorful, conscious and contrasty. With your branding in mind combined with the artist's signature aesthetics, a new illustration is born and ready to be shared.  

+ of the Moon makes artwork available to all income levels and business sizes by offering  sliding scale prices and payment plans by request. We don't want anything to hinder a creative idea. 

+ of the Moon welcomes all clients into a network of conscious businesses so we can recommend each other to our own communities. This is how our ideas are spread. This is how we help build each other up-- through grassroots movements.